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Can relationships truly last a lifetime? 

You and your partner might feel more just like friends than a couple. Being a couple goes beyond friendship. It is about building a deep intimacy and connectedness that helps you get through all of the great and difficult transitions in life. When you made a commitment to each other, you might not have considered how life would change both of you. But that does not mean the relationship has to be over. 

More often than not, the couples I see just need help with a few simple communication skills to help them reconnect. It doesn't have to be a long drawn out process to learn how to be together again. When I work with couples, I get an understanding of what they each are bringing to the relationship and how they are currently communicating. From there, I help each person understand the perspective of their partner and how to communicate with them in a way creates intimacy and trust. 

Did you know that even if there is betrayal, your relationship can heal? 

Some people fear that after an affair or breach in trust, they can never be with their partner again. However, with guidance and support you can learn to trust again. Couples counseling can help you communicate about the pain you have experienced and to develop skills for rebuilding your relationship. 

If you want a change in your relationship or you want to solidify the foundation for a lifetime of love, then contact me here to set up your first session.