• Ashley was interviewed on BBC World News America by Katty Kay about a recent article linking frequent conflicts in our relationships and a higher mortality rate. You can watch the interview here.
  • Ashley was asked to be a guest on the Ask Cherado radio show discussing how to set clear boundaries in your relationship. You can listen to the show here.
  • Ashley's article "Pre-Wedding Jitters - Top 9 Causes" was published on both The Huffington Post and Shine! from Yahoo.
  • Ashley's article "Top 5 Reasons To Try Premartial Counseling, Don't Let Marriage Ruin Your Relationship" was recently published on  
  • Ashley Seeger was the guest therapist on TLC's "My Strange Addiction" Watch her appearance here.
  • Ashley Seeger was interviewed and quoted in a wonderful new book about marriage: "Making Marriage a Success: Pearls of Wisdom from Experts Across the Nation" by Jaleh Donaldson
  • Ashley Seeger was interviewed by Colin Campbell at Press TV for a story about Facebook and its affect on marriages.
  • Ashley Seeger was interviewed on Channel 8 News on their live daytime talk show "Let's Talk Live." Go here view the show about a recent study about divorce being contagious.
  • My Expert Solution interviewed Ashley about her expertise in empathy and its importance to a healthy relationship.
  • Ashley was interviewed by Yahoo Associated Content about how to improve family communication


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